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Some of the popular types of tea bags

2022-03-11 16:46

Tea bags were introduced to the world in early 1900’s. Since then, tea bags have gradually evolved and have now become a significant product that is highly accepted in the global tea market. This article is aimed at understanding the different types of tea bags available in the world today.




The different types of tea bags that are popular are as follows:




1. Single Chamber Tea Bag


This is the most basic tea bag available in the market. It is a solution where hot water is exposed to the two sides of the bag. It enables you to prepare your tea instantly.




2. Double Chamber Tea Bag


This is similar to the single chamber tea bag. However, it is structured in a way that has a tunnelled opening from the centre of the tea bag - which enables tea powder to be trapped in two separate sides. The double chamber tea bag offers tea to have a greater interaction with hot water as it is exposed from four sides.


3. Pyramid Tea Bag


Pyramid tea bag is the latest innovation and trend in the tea bag market. It comprises a nylon /pla/pet strand woven into the mesh which carry tea. The mesh has tiny holes that allow warm water to interact with the big leaves and herbs,


This process permits tea to exhibit greater character,orginal flavor and nutrients to your cup of tea




4. Long Tea Bag


As seen in the picture, the long tea bags are longer in size. However, these are not very popular among the consumers.


5. Cotton Mesh Tea Bag


The cotton mesh tea bag are made using cotton. It is sealed using the drawstring available in the tea bag. The warm water interaction with tea is somewhat similar to pyramid tea bags as there are tiny holes available. However, for the type that do not have holes, the interaction with warm water is similar to that of the single chamber tea bag.


6. Big Pouch The big pouch tea bag is generally used for the teapot. Instead of putting up individual tea bags or loose tea, the pouch is more convenient.


Above are some of the most popular tea bags available in the market today. I hope the above is clear and helpful in understanding the variations of the tea bags.


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