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How Tecpacking developed and improved their machines to become world class quality products

2022-05-10 11:27

Many equipment manufacturing companies develop their machines annually based on the feedback they receive from their customers. Similarly, as an aspiring equipment manufacturing Company in the tea & coffee packaging space, Tecpacking did the same thing as well. It may sound easy, however it takes effort, time and money to really uplift your products than what it is today.


In this article I would like to touch upon some of the experiences we had when we were improving the machines. It is vital to understand that sheer commitment is necessary while reducing focus on third party factors that do not add value to our goal. A clear direction and a goal should be set and all work should renounce around this.


Tecpacking implemented the 4S strategy which compromised of Stability, Speed, Safety and Simple. This was the goal we set for our machines in one sentence. This enabled the team members to clearly understand and have a steady focus, while having a clear direction on where the Company is headed. The summary of the thinking behind the 4S would be as follows:

  • Stability - giving customers a stable machine taking into account all possible breakdown options and mitigating these issues that arise

  • Speed - a very important element where having a speedy production is a must. In a time and world where the labor cost is at its highest and having a high production equals to better margins, Tecpacking has given prominence to develop speedy machines

  • Safety - safety is an important element since if the machine is not safe, then the operators are at risk of hurting themselves, which inturn can be a big loss for the Company. Therefore we pay great attention to safety and this element is an important one when supplying to global giants such as Unilever who requested Tecpacking to follow international safety standards.

  • Simple - make it easy for the operator by making the machine user friendly, less confusing and guarantee a smooth operational flow. This will reduce the pressure borne on the company as new operators too can understand the functionality of the machines.


The 4S strategy is the business model we used for enhancing the machine capabilities for Tecpacking. This has enabled Tecpacking machines to be recognized globally and demanded by factories and companies around the world.


Thank you.

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