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Future of Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machines

2021-06-08 15:40

Future of Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machines


Pyramid tea bag packing machines have grown in demand globally over the past years. This is predominantly due to the acceptance of the pyramid tea bags globally. Therefore many tea producing companies have stipulated the demand for pyramid tea bag packing machines as they intend to cater to the growing demand by brands.
In this fast paced modern age, we should realize that time plays an important role. Time is an important element in business. While many tea packing machine producers and suppliers have identified pyramid tea is a key trend, these manufacturers should also try to understand how to innovate their offerings for the end user of these machines to benefit.
According to my view, the machine suppliers will need to focus on improving the speed of production. With time playing an important role, machine speed will play a crucial role, and customers will be expecting machine manufacturers to produce super fast tea packing machines with multi-functions similar to developing of the double / single chamber filter tea bag.
Another area that the tea packing market will need to focus would be the envelope packing and cartoning in the tea packing market. Example - many years back IMA developed machines that pack single tea filter bags while Teepack developed a cartoning machine for the same end product. IMA then advanced themselves by developing machines that are capable of packing, envelop packing and cartoning single tea filter bags. However, when it comes to the single pyramid tea bag, only IMA has developed a machine that is capable of packing and cartoning. While this is a good innovation to the pyramid tea bag packing market, these machines are very costly and not many tea producing companies have the capability to spend money to purchase these expensive machines. The world tea market compromises of a handful of large corporates along with many small and medium scale tea producers. Tea bag packing machine manufacturers will need to identify ways to produce these envelope packing and cartoning machines at a lesser cost and pass on the price benefit to the global tea producing companies so that they are capable of accommodating them in their factories. Companies like Tecpacking who focus on catering to the market with a differentiation factor of “value for money”, will have the opportunity to cater to this vacuum in the market.
We have also observed that the demand for the freshness of the tea is growing immensely. This has in turn improved the demand for envelope machines, automatic counting and automatic cartoning machines. As tea bag packing machine manufacturers, we will need to focus our energy to produce speedy machines. Tecpacking has understood this need in the market and are catering to it with their popular TP-P100 machines that is capable of running 100 bags/minute for herbs and tea leaves.
In conclusion, the tea bag packing machine manufacturers will need to actively focus on the following areas:
Produce machines that will be of higher speed
Place emphasis on producing envelope, cartoning and counting machines at a low costs, in order to cater for small and medium tea producing companies. This will help companies reduce their labour costs and increase efficiency.
Produce and supply cost effective bio-degradable packing materials that do not have negative impact to the environment after the tea bag is consumed. Tecpacking’s “Eco Mesh” brand was introduced to solely cater to this purpose.


Thank you.

Paul Zhang

Co-Founder at Tecpacking


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