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Herbal Tea Market & Pyramid Tea Bag packing

2021-03-02 11:46

Herbal Tea Market & Pyramid Tea Bag packing
The global herbal tea market is anticipated to endow commendable growth opportunities in the coming years.Herbal tea is considered to be one of the most natural beverages as it is used rose, lavender, chamomile and many more. The changing lifestyles of the people are gradually amplifying the importance of herbal tea. One of the main drivers to enhance this immensely is COVID 19. Consuming herbal tea is good to boost the immune system of individuals - which is a vital factor in this day and age.
An interesting fact to understand is that herbal tea is best produced under the pyramid tea packaging type. The reason for this is that the whole herb fits in the pyramid tea. This enables the consumer to enjoy the flavor while immersing in the benefits of consuming the herb.
Many markets are expected to pick up on the consumption of herbal tea, specially from the Asian market as due to the acceptance of herbal food and beverages along with history of tea consumption.
Many players are expected to introduce novelty products based off herbal infusions specially from a pyramid tea bag packaged view. We see that certain set of customers already infusing tea with flavors such as peppermint, lemongrass, fruit and hibiscus in the pyramid tea bag to enhance the tea tasting experience as none of the flavors need to be crushed in this type of pyramid tea bag.
This is has already taken place with some of the leading tea brands who work with Tecpacking to produce pyramid tea bag products.  Tecpacking, is now a proud partner of Lipton (Unilever China) as well as Dilmah in Sri Lanka. Alongside these top two brands, Tecpacking works closely with other brands such as Austral Herbs, Alfakeel Tea & Saffron, Empire Teas and many more. We have helped these big tea brands as well as many other tea brands introduce ground breaking novelty innovative products to the global tea markets.

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