DXDCT-V pyramid tea bag packing machine

- Controlled by Mitsubishi PLC - 60-70 bags/min - Three bag shapes available


DXDCT-W140 enveloper machine

- Minimum bag size: 80*80 mm   - 50-60 bags/min   - Nitrogen injection



DXDCT-E8 pyramid tea bag packing machine

- Cut and seal by ultrasonic sound.            - 50-60 bags/min

- Compatible with different sizes of different packing materials


DXDCT-T pyramid tea bag tagging machine

- Thread length:130/160/180 mm      - 50-75 tags/min



DXDCT-EV8 Pyramid tea bag packing machine

- 50-60 bags/min    - Two filling systems   

- One key to change the bag shape 


DXDCT-EV4 pyramid tea bag packing machine

-20-35 bags/min    - Two filling system    -0.2g accuracy


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